The concept

In many situations where clients have called up on us to solve specific problems, we realized that these problems
have arisen for two main reasons :

The relationship between the client and his advisor : an in-out visit per year instead of scheduled meetings with agenda points.

Reactivity and anticipation : the advisor does not discuss problems with the client at the right time or before they arise.

To prevent issues, we put in place a new approach based on the Business Advisor role and the Challenge days schedule. In other words, the business advisor is the sparring partner of the managing director and the challenge days are the ring.

Business Advisor as a SPOC (Single Point Of Contact)

Experienced and hands on

Strong academic background



Challenge days to stay dynamic

Budget challenge day

Is the meeting where the business advisor and the managing director build the budget for the next year and discuss related topics.

Closing challenge day

Is the key meeting where the business advisor and the managing director go through all the agenda of the day. Then the business advisor presents the to the managing director all the figures of the period. This includes profit and loss, balance sheet, budget vs actual, paying particular attention to changes in elements requiring special monitoring such as the outstanding accounts receivables, financial follow-up of a large project, etc.

Finally, both partners agree on future improvement to reach for the next meeting.

Tax challenge day

Is the meeting where the business advisor presents to managing director the changes in tax legislation in order to identify risks and opportunities for the company tax matters.

Cloud accounting plans

The purpose of our cloud accounting service is to provide easy-to-use tools and systems to SME’s to help
them managing , organizing, improving and modernizing their accounting and financial processes.
You will find here below our all-in, flat monthly-fee based plans.


  • Day-to-day processing of all your accounting documents, including annual accounts
  • VAT and corporate tax form filling
  • Annual tax challenge day
  • Quarterly closing challenge day


  • Basic +
  • Accounts payables management and payment proposal
  • Accounts receivable management
  • Automated invoicing


  • Advanced +
  • Analytical accounting
  • Budgeting
  • Annual budget challenge day


  • Metrix +
  • Cash flow reporting
  • Monthly closing challenge day