CFO for SME's

The concept

M ost of fast growing businesses are set up by very successful salesman or technical minded people who think that they don’t need a CFO. CFO’s is for big or listed companies and even we cannot afford a full time CFO, they said.

They are partly right… All companies, big or small, face many of the same issues. Consequently, all companies have many of the same needs, including the experience and knowledge of a CFO.

CFO for SME’s is the solution for companies who need more than traditional accounting services but cannot afford a full-time CFO. We will provide financial, accounting, tax and strategic expertise that any business, big or small, needs by using our CARE BUSINESS MATRIX ®.

We provide assistance in:

Business model generation

Business case study

Long term planning

Working capital management and funding

and KPI’s

Applefield’s CFO services consist of:


Financial accounting and record keeping in a very regular way is the basic.
A CFO needs to put in place systems, processes and controls at each level of accounting.
It is a must to identify the right finance team skills and a proper information technology system.

Technical know-how:

Good CFO should have the sound knowledge around business, its financial dynamics and regulatory requirements (tax, commercial, banking). He needs to control this aspect but also to report and deal regularly with the profusion of compliances.

Business partner:

A CFO should highlight the risks and opportunities of the operational, financing and investment activities to the managing director. He should influence the business by applying his financial and commercial judgement based on sound business practices.

Business reporting:

Across the deluge of information, CFO should be able to present financials and non-financials KPI’s as a part of monthly business reporting above the regular profit and loss, balance sheet and cash flow statements.

By doing so, he brings valuable insight to the business at the right time: “You can only manage what you can measure”.

How do we differentiate with practicing chartered accountants or any other finance consultants?

Practicing accountant is generally well versed with financial accounting, audit, on direct and indirect taxes etc. They may not carry the necessary business oriented skill to work at an operating level within finance on a controller kind of role to resolve the business finance issues.

Tasks done by seniors. Therefore, we pool the knowledge, practices and methodology in our team to serve clients with well define framework and consistent quality services. Our team consists of financial professionals with more than 15 years bringing hands on approach. We do not provide fresher student at any of our client's site and it is strictly against our business policy as a service provider in line with our business objective.

Specific situation where a part-time CFO is needed

You want to improve (or maintain) your accounting or internal reporting and need reinforcements: Applefield can provide you with (temporary) high-level professional accounting assistance.

You want to update your internal procedures, we bring you advice and help to establish clear procedures in order to focus your efforts on your core business. Applefield can support you by taking care of all of your accounts, your control procedures and your reporting.

In period of growth you are worried about losing control and you want to be sustained in your development : time for business planning and dashboards.

During your start-up you expect hands-on and efficient assistance : set the basics right for a profitable growth with Applefield.